The intersection of cybersecurity and crime has been my lifelong passion. As the son of a career entrepreneur, I learned the value of hard work and personal commitment early on. What began as a youth’s obsession with crime and detective TV shows is now my passion to help solve complex technical and logistical problems in the world of digital crime. I’m a cybersecurity executive, leader, and serial entrepreneur who’s built his entire career on the drive to innovate — to create technological and process solutions which can successfully combat the malicious activity and fraud that runs rampant today.

I currently reside in Washington, D.C., where I am the founder and CTO of CyberSponse, Inc., a leading innovator in cyber incident response technology and services. We work with major financial institutions, retail, healthcare, critical infrastructure and government agencies.


Don’t be shy if you have any questions or would like to connect to discuss today’s pressing cyber security issues. I am passionate about how technology can help change how businesses try to avoid the onslaught of cyber security traps in today’s cyber-dependent reality. I hope that my efforts will all add up to make a difference.

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